Frequently Asked Questions

Can any club register with the EOBA?

In general clubs need to be members of the Ontario Basketball Association in order to register with the EOBA. In certain cases exceptions are made (such as when teams from Western Quebec play in the EOBA). In all cases the EOBA first contacts the OBA to receive their approval to admit a club into the OBA.

What does it cost to join the EOBA?

Teams that join the EOBA are charged a $75 annual registration fee. This covers the administration of all EOBA competition. Schedule games, arranging for officials, scheduling the EOBA championships. Teams are responsible for paying official fees for each game they play. Gym time and costs are covered by the EOBA affilated clubs.

Do games played in the OBL-East count towards my Ontario Cup ranking?

Yes, OBL-East games count towards your overall Ontario Cup rankings. The OBL-East is the Eastern Ontario division of the Ontario Basketball League. The OBL-East is run under the OBL framework.

Which leagues does the EOBA Adminster?

The Eastern Ontario Basketball Association is a co-operative association of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec basketball clubs. The goal of the EOBA is to provide opportunities for youth to play basketball. The EOBA recognizes the different needs of the basketball community and operates a number of different leagues to best serve the region.

For the 2016-2017 season the EOBA is partnering with the Ontario Basketball League and area clubs to operate the:

--Ontario Basketball League East (OBL-East)
--West End Basketball League (WEBL)
--Central Ottawa Basketball League (COBL)
--NBDL (Nepean Blue Devils Development League).

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